FRANÇAIS Shipping instructions Care of instrumentsWARRANTY All of our recorders are tested by high level professional performers, through the same protocol as the Boudreau line of instruments. If, however, you are not satisfied with your recorder, you are invited to take advantage of our after-sales service. Purchasers benefit from a two-week trial period during which we offer to provide either an exchange or refund (at purchaser's option), provided mutual arrangements are made before the instrument is returned. (The recorder must be returned in its case and in original condition.) Please take note: two weeks after the shipping date your cheque will be cashed, and then there will be a 5% charge if the instrument is to be refunded (applies to foreign currencies). Each of our recorders is sold with a one-year, non-transferable warranty which covers revoicing, tuning and any defects of workmanship. The warranty does not extend to any cracks which might develop due to failure by the player to observe user precautions provided with the instrument. Our instruments have highly stabilized blocks, which are treated with non-toxic salts. Swelling and distorsion are reduced by 90% in comparison to non-treated blocks of other makers. The blocks even taste nice! In addition, free maintenance and a free tune-up are offered during the one-year warranty period. PLEASE TAKE NOTE : The warranty does not apply to a recorder whose maintenance was entrusted to another person. Indeed tampering with your instrument can transform it irreversibly. If a replacement was made necessary by this type of intervention, it would be out of warranty and service would be charged.
PLEASE NOTE, WE WILL NOT WORK ON ANY INSTRUMENT ISSUING FROM ANOTHER WORKSHOP OR FACTORY. For any other brand than Boudreau and Aesthé you may contact Femke Bergsma :
Online payment by credit card is possible by clicking on the VISA | MASTERCARD icon. After filling in the payment form, you will be directed to Optimal secured payment server. If a purchase price was quoted to you in other than Canadian currency, please use the converter to convert your currency price quote into Canadian dollars. Type the Canadian currency amount into the box. Your charge card company will automatically make the currency exchange for this purchase. All information collected on this website will remain confidential. Credit card numbers are directed to the Optimal secured server only, and are not stored in our data base. SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES • Canada ExpressPost - tracking no. and signature (2 days) $25 • USA ExpressPost - tracking no. and signature (3 days) $35 • International: • Airmail - no tracking no signature (at your own risk) $30 • ExpressPost - tracking no. and signature (5 days) Europe $65 • Europe $65 • Asia $85 Prices depending on size of the package. For bass flute, they could be higher. For any other faster service, please contact us to confirm a shipping cost. REFUNDS You must contact us for all refunds. There is no refund for initial shipping costs. Refund corresponds to original payment received in Canadian dollar. Jean-Luc Boudreau Facteur de Flutes inc. is not responsible for fluctuations which are incident to international exchange rates of currencies or any other bank fees incurred for payment of a refund.
PRICES Please note that all prices are subject to change and are shown in U.S. $ and Euros. PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING For every order, we ask for a deposit equal to 25% of the value, in order to secure a place on the waiting list and establish a delivery date. Payment is due in full before an order can be shipped, and may be made by personal cheque, money order, or international bank draft payable to : Jean-Luc Boudreau Facteur de Flûtes inc. All prices are before taxes, applicable only to Canadian residents All bank charges are the payee's responsibility. Before ordering or sending payment, please contact us to check instruments availability. For all instruments on special order, full payment is required before initiation of work and there will be no refunds. We will tell you if your request is considered a special order.
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